According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, the top five reasons people relinquish their dogs to shelters are: moving, landlord issues, the cost of pet maintenance, no time for a pet, and inadequate facilities. I have worked in animal welfare for over 10 years now and I know that it takes the average pet owner eight months to decide to bring their dog to the shelter. Eight months! Most owners look shallowly for a way out, only to come back to the inevitable: they will have to turn their dog into the shelter.

Most owners do not realize that there's a plethora of organizations that help financially with medical costs and spaying/neutering. Other groups help with finding pet friendly housing and assists military families with the relocation of their entire family, pets
included. On the rise, are local humane societies and other animal welfare organizations that offer pet food banks and affordable vaccination clinics.

Below are some great organizations that help pet owners in financial need:

United Animal Nation

The Pet Fund

Pet Network

In Memory of Magic

Red Rover

And if you are looking at moving, here are some great resources:

Apartment Guide

For Rent

Homes with Pets


Pet Rent

For military families that need support during deployment or relocation:

Dogs on Deployment

Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets

Military Homefront

Defense Personal Property Program

Operation Military Pets

When in doubt, check with your local humane society and veterinarian because both have many connections and may know of resources that you haven’t researched yet. The short of it is, relinquishment may not even be option with a little help!