25 September 2014 by Mike on Living with dogs | Technology

Honoring Loved Ones with Innovation

Working with DoggyDoc is a neverending challenge to think outside the box. Taro, Mark, Jens, Carl, and our community of supporters are moving at full speed to do more, better, faster, and in just the right way. This last part is the hardest, but it's the part that leads to real innovation. We've built a unique user experience that doesn’t fall into any pre-made categories. Through the iDiDi, we are translating users’ visceral experience of their dog's state of being into useful veterinary information. Now that we've developed an app with this goal in mind, what's next? Our challenge is to connect to our audience, learn from them, and develop even more functionality into this special delivery mechanism because heath matters more than anything in our lives. Personally, I’ve had both a dog and a cat in my life. He was a Chow Chow named Bear and she was a calico cat named Root Beer. Both were with me throughout their entire lives. Bear’s life was cut short due to cancer, and the memories I have of flushing his tumor and giving him medicine are probably familiar …

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