24 September 2014 by Vedrana on Dog health

Diabetes in dogs

As a very recently former dog co-owner, I have learned a lot about their character, habits, and needs. As I scientist, I have the knowledge of mechanisms going on deeper in the background of this beautiful creatures. Besides remembering the good stuff, I remember some of the health “battles” we have fought during the 16 years, 4 months and 1 day. My sister is a veterinarian, which helps a lot. She is possibly the best DoggyDoc app I could have asked for. But not many of us have a vet in the family, and that is why DoggyDoc proves to be extremely useful. We all know that the best way to treat and care for your dog is to love it and pay attention to it. Remember, what it can’t tell you in words, it is telling you in small signs: perhaps glassy eyes, loss of appetite or decreased mobility. Those are alert signs many of us old dog owners know so well. But what about the first-time dog owners? They need DoggyDoc. Besides the genetics, which is always a strong factor, feeding your dog wrongly will be a …

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09 September 2014 by Grace on Living with dogs | Dog health

My Dog Eats Rocks

Okay, I admitted it. I, for months, have had a hard time grasping that perhaps my dog has rocks for brains because he eats grass, soil, dirt… anything, as a meal supplement. Every time I see him doing so, I stop him but I didn’t get really adamant about it until I saw him munching on rocks for his afternoon snack. This sort of activity is extremely dangerous, so I stopped him from doing so and took him in the house. The next day, I see him trying to fit his mouth around a rock the size of a softball. My dog is a still a puppy, so I am still ruling out a lot of behavioral issues such as boredom and anxiety; and also some nutritional issues. I have him on a high protein diet right now, so his stomach may not be able to handle it and he’s grazing on grass, dirt, and rocks to help his stomach settle. But in the back of my head I know that I need to fix this quick because his consumption of nonfood items has already developed into a …

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